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About Our Company

Jiffy’s Truck Rental is unique in the rental industry as we only rent trucks for DMV testing and practice. In 1989, the DMV changed the Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) licensing procedure. One of the changes made was testing by appointment only. No longer could you just drive up to DMV and say: “I am here to take my test”. Consequently, it became very difficult for someone to borrow his friend’s truck to take the test. Why? Who knew three weeks in advance if the truck you were going to “borrow” would even be in the same state, let alone be free for the DMV appointment. It is a lot to ask a friend to lose a $1,000.00 load to let you borrow his truck for the test.

Practice To Pass!

Jiffy’s always has a truck available for your DMV test. Just give us a call to schedule a drive!