Our Services


We supply easy to drive, late model, two axle, M2 Freightliners
equipped with fully synchronized, 6 speed manual transmissions, air
brakes, and short flatbed trailers for the CDL exam and practice. The
trucks we use for the test will get you a full non-restricted Class A
Commercial Driver’s License.

We also provide, at no additional cost, a personal, licensed,
one-on-one mentor who helps prepare you for your road test at the DMV.
We take the hassle out of dealing with the DMV by making your
appointment for you. We also provide supplemental study material to
ensure you are the most prepared to take your CDL test.

Your mentor will help prepare you by practicing for the Pre-trip, air
brake test, as well as the backing skills, and take you on a route
comparable to the DMV’s route used on the actual road test.

In summary, as you practice with us we are duplicating the actual DMV
road test to ensure you go into your test with absolute confidence.